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Regenacol's ancient roots and inspiring science brings us a facial rejuvenation system we've all been waiting for. When it comes to creating radiant, glowing skin, where better to start than Mother Nature? Regenacol's anti-aging benefits from life's first food and the wrinkle-relaxing abilities of bee venom come together in a powerful system to provide intensive moisturizing and cellular hydration leaving skin smooth and silky. Regenacol made to look your best at any age.


Colostrum-LD contains regenerating bioactives that support natural skin health, including Epithelial and Epidermal (skin) growth factors which promote the rapid replacement of skin cells. In a study just published in the May issue of Journal on Drugs in Dermatology, liposomal bovine colostrum appears to provide a protective effect on telomere length erosion. These results suggest that topical treatment of a liposomal colostrum formulation would enhance skin health as it ages.